Iain Sharpe Financial Advisor

Iain Sharpe Financial Advisor

Welcome to this blog space for Iain Sharpe, a financial advisor. Iain Sharpe is a Managing Director at Merrill Lynch and has been there for 18 years. While this blog may have a few posts about Iain Sharpe’s work, it will focus primarily on some of the subjects he finds dearest to his heart: English Premiere League football, golf, travel, and home design. If you think the last one doesn’t match the others, you might be right, but Mr. Sharpe built his home several years ago, so it’s a subject near and dear to his heart.


A Little More about Iain Sharpe

Iain Sharpe was born on July 30th 1971 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His parents, Andrew and Glenda Sharpe, are both English. Although he was born in Oklahoma, he was not there long. The family moved to Holland where Andy worked for Shell. They moved to England when Iain was about two, and they moved again to the States (Houston specifically) when Iain turned eleven.

After the last move, things slowed down, and Iain Sharpe attended Klein High School, which is about a half hour away from Downtown Houston. He later graduated from the University of Houston where he earned his degree in Hospitality Management. After graduation, Mr. Sharpe took a backpacking trip across parts of Asia and Australia. While in Hong Kong, he received a job offer to work for the Four Seasons Hotel Company in Chicago. Later on, he decided to switch careers and started the process to becoming a financial advisor – a position that he still works as.

Today, Iain Sharpe enjoys a happy life with his wife, Brooke, and his two boys. He taught his children to have a love for sports (golf, baseball, and soccer), and he enjoys playing golf and traveling in his downtime. Iain Sharpe is a devoted Liverpool fan, so any Manchester United fans should be careful with their comments. He is also very proud of his British and Scottish heritage, and this blog will go into those subjects as well.

Iain Sharpe welcomes you and hopes you come back again to learn more about things and subjects that interest him.

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